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Synthetic Biology in 2024 with John Cumbers

Synthetic Biology in 2024 with John Cumbers

Our annual preview of the SynBioBeta Conference


0:00 New trends in 2024

5:50 A renaissance in DNA synthesis

9:10 What applications for AI are you seeing?

13:35 The number one rule of synthetic biology

19:05 DAO funding model

22:40 Is John a reductionist?

John Cumbers is back on the podcast (which he says is his favorite as a guest) to preview the annual SynBioBeta global conference for the synthetic biology crowd. This year’s show includes 18 tracks on topics such as AI, space, longevity, and DNA synthesis. Speakers will include Stephen Wolfram and Stephen Quake, who will discuss large language models and biology.

While 2024 saw a total investment of over $6 billion (not as high as the pandemic year of 2021), John says the new technologies and startups keep coming.

"We’re seeing just a ton of new entrepreneurs coming out of graduate and undergraduate programs and starting companies.”

John is the founder and CEO of SynBioBeta which takes place May 6-9th in the San Jose Convention Center.

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