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Elinor Karlsson on Darwin’s Ark

Elinor Karlsson on Darwin’s Ark

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0:00 Pet dogs have complex genetics and phenotypic data

8:00 What is the primary interest of pet owners?

16:00 Breeds are relatively new—Victorian era new

25:53 Findings that relate to human genetics

34:00 Future goals


Elinor Karlsson began studying pet genetics when doing her PhD.  Today she directs the largest pet dog genetics databases and citizen science projects, Darwin’s Ark ( Elinor is a Professor at UMass Chan and the Broad Institute.

Why dogs?  Well, she works specifically with pet dogs who are tied to humans.  Dog owners love learning about their dogs--breed, behavior, anything—almost as much as they love sharing about them.  This opens up an opportunity for researchers to study an animal with complex genetics which also has tons of phenotypic data recorded.

 So what is Elinor able to tell these pet-loving owners?  How is the project improving dog medicine?  And what is canine genetics teaching us about us?

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